Water Detection Alarms

Water detection Alarms are located in the bottom of each HVAC unit in the complex. If your HVAC Unit Fan is turned OFF during the Spring and Fall seasons, humidity can build up inside your HVAC Unit causing the Water Alarm to SOUND. To remedy this, turn on your HVAC fan to circulate the air in your HVAC unit.

If this does not solve the problem and your water detection alarm is still sounding, immediately contact the Doorman at 773-477-9930 ext. #2, anytime, day or night. Maintenance will then stop by to remedy the situation, which may be in the condensation drain lines. This action will help prevent damage to your personal property, such as carpeting and wood flooring, and the ceiling of the unit below.

The water detectors are deemed Common Element. The batteries are replaced annually. Owners are responsible for these units. If discovered missing, the unit owner must reimburse the Association for a new alarm and is subject to a fine per the fee and fine schedule.