Quick Reference Guide

Helpful Hints and Friendly Reminders


ELECTRICITY for your Apartment – Contact ComEd at 1-800-334-7661
CABLE TV BOX – Contact RCN at 1-800-746-4726

      • Ext. # 1 = Management Office
      • Ext. # 2 = Front Desk (Doorman)
      • Ext. # 3 = Maintenance Department
      • Ext. # 4 = Valet Garage
    • MANAGEMENT OFFICE FAX 773-477-8203
    • MANAGEMENT EMAIL Manager345@CommunitySpecialists.net
    • Parkway Cleaners 773-975-5011
    • RCN Communications 800-746-4726
    • ComEd 800-334-7661
    • Certificate of Insurance for the Association 312-595-8135 or by Internet at http://www.CondoRisk.com or by fax 312-595-4331
    • Association Website http://www.345Fullerton.com
    • Current Updates & Seasonal Reminders Channel 195
    • Front Lobby Camera Channel 196
    • If you have any questions, or require our assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the Management Office at 773-477-9930 ext. 1, or via the Internet at Manager345@CommunitySpecialists.net
    Rules are only common courtesy to your fellow neighbors. Please be considerate of your neighbors and follow the rules. Owners should be aware that they are responsible for any rules violations of their renters/tenants or guests. Fines can be levied if rules violations occur.
    Regular meetings of the Board of Directors, which are open to all unit owners, are usually held at 7:00 PM (and occasionally at 10:00 AM) on the third Wednesday of every month except July, August and December. The Annual Unit Owners Meeting is held in December. View the Mailroom Bulletin Board and Channel 195 for meeting notices and agendas.
    Condo, Rental, or Investor Insurance – The Association carries insurance for the common areas as required. 345 Condo Insurance covers insurance on the structure up to and including the drywall, but individual owners need to have coverage on everything else. All residents and owners are responsible for providing their own insurance in case of a claim. All unit owners are required to obtain insurance covering their personal liability and compensatory (not consequential) damages to another unit (i) caused by the negligence of the unit owners or their guests, residents, or invitees, and/or (ii) regardless of any negligence, arising from the use or operation of their unit.Unit coverage shall be an amount no less than $300,000. Additionally, unit owners should carry personal property insurance in an amount no less than $35,000. Proof of said insurance shall be submitted to the Association after every renewal. The personal liability of a unit owner or Association member must include the deductible of the unit owner whose unit was damaged and any damage not covered by insurance carried by the Association under Section 12 of the Illinois Condominium Property Act, as well as the decorating, painting, wall and floor coverings, trim, appliances, equipment, and other furnishings to another unit or the common elements.At the discretion of the Board of Directors, a unit owner may be assessed a fine for each month or fraction thereof that the unit owner fails to maintain such insurance. Each unit owner shall provide proof of such insurance in the form of a Certificate of Insurance to the Association showing said coverages are in full force and effect and obligating the insurer to give 30 days’ written notice of cancellation or non-renewal of any insurance on said certificate.
    Assessment payments are due on the first of the month and should be mailed with the payment stub in the envelope provided. There is a ten (10) day grace period, so that payments mailed on the first will have sufficient time to be delivered to the bank’s lock box and posted. Please do not drop off payments at the Management Office. The office is not equipped to deposit assessment payments. Submitting your payment to the Management Office will only delay the posting to your account and could result in a late payment charge being assessed to you.Alternatively, you may sign up for our Auto-Debit Program, and the assessment will be debited from your bank account on an agreed upon date before the 10th of each month.
    All moves-in, moves-out, and deliveries (including remodeling materials) need to be prescheduled with the Management Office. Moves and deliveries are scheduled from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday, but never on Saturday, Sunday, or holidays.

    1. There is a $500 security deposit (refunded if there is no damage to the elevator or hallway) for moves in and out and for delivery and removal of construction and demolition materials.
    2. There is a $200 security deposit (refunded if there is no damage to the elevator or hallway) for any delivery or removal.
    3. In addition to the security deposits listed above, there is a move-in fee equal to one month’s assessment.
    All moves and deliveries must be pre-scheduled with the Management Office. All residents are required to place a $200 security deposit for the elevator reservation ($500 for Moves-In/Moves-Out and construction materials). Moves or deliveries may be made from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. NO weekends or holidays.
    Before you go shopping for a new sofa, entertainment center, armoire, dining room table, or any other large piece of furniture, first stop by the office and ask for the “Elevator Measurements Information” form – approximate measurements of the elevators are 7’-8” high, 5’-6” and 7’ wide, by 4’ deep. The approximate elevator door dimensions are 6’-10” by 36” wide. You should also measure your door and your entranceway. You may also want to measure the hallway width and height. Doing this will help you avoid a disappointing and frustrating delivery experience.
  9. KEYS
    Why is it important to have a set of keys in the lock box? For EMERGENCY use.The Declaration states this requirement: Article 7, Section 7.01, paragraph (n), “Each Unit Owner shall deposit with the Board duplicate keys for all locks required for entry to his Unit.”The keys can also be used to assist residents to gain access when their own keys are locked inside or misplaced.
    This electronic system was installed to provide better security. Each unit is supplied with two (2) key fobs, which are coded into the system.If any resident experiences problems with their key fob, they should contact the office. Additional key fobs may be purchased from the Management Office at a cost of $15 each. The Board of Directors has authorized a maximum of four (4) key fobs per unit.
    Just a reminder that if you are allowing anyone to enter your unit when you are not home, their names must be entered in the Permission To Enter Book.Some companies do not allow their employees to enter a home without the owner being present. Be sure to check this when scheduling.WITHOUT YOUR WRITTEN PERMISSION, we cannot allow admittance to anyone (including your domestic help) to the complex. PLEASE keep your form updated with the Doorman.If you wish, a member of the 345 staff will accompany delivery people to your unit for a nominal labor rate of $35 for 1/2 hour or less and $60 for up to one (1) hour.
  12. PETS
    Two (2) pets per unit: one (1) dog per unit, weighing not more than twenty-five (25) pounds at maturity; or one (1) dog and one (1) cat; or two (2) cats.All pets must be leashed while they are in the common areas, and they are not allowed in the lobby.Visitors or guests may not bring pets into the building.All residents are required to submit a “Pet Agreement and Registration” form, even if they do not own a pet.DOG OWNERS
    Dogs must be kept on a short leash while in the elevators as well as when going in and out through the side doors. The short leash will help owners control their dogs and prevent them from jumping on other residents, possibly soiling or damaging clothes, and will also keep dogs from “charging” into or out of the elevators – thus preventing an accident with another resident who may be frail or carrying packages or children.CAT OWNERS
    When disposing of cat litter, please do not put it down the trash chute; the fall to the bottom of the trash chute often tears the bag, causing kitty litter odor to emanate through the building, and the litter blocks the electric eye on the trash compactor, causing the compactor to run constantly and the motor to burn out.Please leave cat litter in the trash chute room in a double plastic bag on the floor, next to the recycled paper bin, so that the Maintenance Staff can dispose of your litter properly.
    To insure proper mail delivery, please insure that your apartment number is listed on all correspondence mailed to you at 345 W Fullerton Pkwy Apt 0000.Using your Zip+4 Code will help to ensure the accuracy and speed of your delivery, especially when there is a substitute mail carrier:Apt. No. – Zip+4 Code
    (Apt. 401 – 608) — 60614-2834
    (Apt. 610 – 904) — 60614-2844
    (Apt. 905 – 1204) — 60614-7968
    (Apt. 1205 – 1308) — 60614-4865
    (Apt. 1401 – 1608) — 60614-2847
    (Apt. 1701 – 1908) — 60614-4866
    (Apt. 2001 – 2104) — 60614-5367
    (Apt. 2105) — 60614-2853
    (Apt. 2106 – 2403) — 60614-2854
    (Apt. 2404) — 60614-6471
    (Apt. 2405) — 60614-5092
    (Apt. 2406 – 2607) — 60614-6471
    (Apt. 2608 – 3004) — 60614-2855
    (Apt. 3005 – 3008) — 60614-6468If you are going to be out town for more than a week, you will need to make some arrangements for your mail. You may have a friend or neighbor retrieve your mail for you. –OR– You can fill out an “Authorization to Hold Mail” form (ask at the Office or Front Desk for one); our mail carrier will then hold your mail for up to 30 days.Larger mailboxes are available through the Management Office for $30 a month. This is a good option for people who consistently receive large volumes of work-related mail.
    The Maintenance Staff does make a limited number and type of unit repairs between 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM, Monday through Friday. All work order requests must be generated through the Management Office.Work Order Services include the following: P-traps, water supply lines, ballcock assemblies, shower handles, rodding of clogged drain sewers, installation of HVAC motors, etc.The Association cannot possibly stock the thousands of parts to service the hundreds of models of toilets or faucets; therefore you might be asked to obtain a repair part that is beyond our limited inventory.
    The Maintenance Staff does not repair any appliances. Please contact an outside qualified appliance repair company. Please do not turn on your dishwasher or put your oven on the cleaning cycle and then leave your apartment. Chances are, nothing will ever happen, but that old saying “Better to be safe than sorry” surely applies here.
  16. CABLE TV
    If you want additional premium channels, need to report reception problems, or have a billing question/problem, call RCN’s Customer Service Department at 800-746-4726. If you schedule a repair date, you will need to be home for the service. RCN employees are forbidden to enter units when no one is present. Our staff does not normally accompany cable technicians to individual units but will for two reasons:

    • The homeowner requests the staff to accompany RCN, in which case the homeowner will be billed $35 for 1/2 hour or less and $60 for up to one (1) hour.
    • If the problem is located in a riser and is affecting several units, you will receive a repair notice from the Management Office. The notice will tell you the day and approximate time (morning or afternoon) the technicians will be there.

    Residents not returning equipment will be charged by RCN for the value of the equipment (up to $600 per piece of equipment). There are two authorized methods to return equipment. You may call 800-RING-RCN to schedule a technician to pick up the equipment (standard truck roll charges apply), or you may return the equipment to RCN’s payment center at RCN Corporation, Bradley Place Business Center, 2640 W Bradley Place, Chicago, IL 60618 – Hours of Operation: Mon.–Thurs. 9am–7pm; Friday 9am–5pm; and Sat. 9am–1pm, 2pm–5pm (closed 1pm–2pm). Make sure that you get a receipt. Please do not give your cable box to our staff – doing this could generate an invoice from $100 up to $600 depending on the type of equipment from RCN!You can obtain a current channel lineup for your cable television online at either http://www.rcn.com/cabletv/lineups or our website, under “Living at 345” and then under “RCN Cable TV Line-up.” For your convenience, the Management Office also has some lineup lists available. All televisions must have an RCN cable box. The first cable box is FREE OF CHARGE. All second and third boxes will be charged at the RCN monthly rates.

    • First Standard Digital Box $0.00 per month, per box
    • Additional Standard Digital Boxes $6.95 per month, per box
    • High Definition Converter $11.95 per month, per box
    • High Definition/DVR Converter $17.95 per month, per box
    • Premier Total Pack Channel Line-Up $17.95 per month

    NEED CUSTOMER SERVICE? CALL: 800-RING-RCN (800-746-4726)

    The cable outlets throughout the building have different calibrations. The ones in your unit are different from the ones in the units above or below you. The different calibrations ensure that the residents living on the lower floors have the same signal strength as the residents on the upper floors.

    • Do not install a generic outlet such as one that you can purchase at a hardware or electrical supply store.
    • Residents should not attempt to tap into the cable attached to the outlet (behind the wall). Installing a generic outlet or tapping into the cable could disconnect or disrupt service to the rest of the tier and generate a large repair bill and/or fine.

    If you are having a problem with a cable outlet or need additional outlets, please call RCN at 800-746-4726.

    If your HVAC Air Conditioning unit is not working properly, turn the thermostat up to 90°, leave at this setting for 1 minute, then turn the thermostat down to 50° so that the valves can automatically re-set themselves; 1 minute later set the thermostat to the desired temperature. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Management Office (773-477-9930 ext. #1), or the Front Desk (ext. #2) after hours.
    To reset your aqua-thermostat to Winter Mode, set your heating system to 50° for about 1 minute to allow the solenoid valve in the closed loop system to reset. After 1 minute, turn the aqua-thermostat to 90°. After 1 minute, turn the dial to the desired temperature. The fan must run, i.e., be set at AUTO (on Low, Medium or High speed), in order for the heat to enter your unit.If you experience problems with your heat, call the Management Office (773-477-9930 ext. #1), or the Front Desk (ext. #2) after hours.It is very important that you leave your heat on 24 hours a day in all units during the entire heating season. The switch should be set at Auto, the fan should stay on at least Low, and the thermostat should be set at 80° but not less than 75°.If you are still not comfortable after following the above steps, you will see that every heating unit has an Auxiliary Electric Heat position. When the switch is up to that position, the electric heater inside your HVAC unit will be on and should supply you with enough heat. You must set the aqua-thermostat to 90°. You should see a red light by the switch when your Auxiliary Electric Heat is on. When the Auxiliary Electric Heat is turned off, your aqua-thermostat should be switched to “Auto.”Please note: When your Auxiliary Electric Heat is on, you will be billed from Commonwealth Edison for the electricity used. When you first use your electric heat, you may notice a burning odor, which will disappear as the dust and dirt burn off.Because hot air rises, the louvers on the top vent should, where possible, be pointed down and toward the windows. Place your Sliding Glass Door/Window “Charlie bar” in the down position to prevent the window from sliding open from high winds.An inexpensive way to cut down on drafts and add extra thermal protection can be to cover your windows with clear plastic. These window-covering kits are applied with tape and a hair dryer and are available at most hardware stores.

    If you are leaving town for a weekend or longer, do not turn your heat off. Your thermostat should be set at 80° but not lower than 75°, especially if we are expecting very cold weather.

    If you are experiencing any problems, please contact the Management Office to place a work order request.

    To allow for the best possible heat and air conditioning in your apartment for the various seasons, 345 Fullerton Parkway Condominium installs new air filters in your HVAC Units each Spring and Fall. If you have pets, it is recommended you change your filters more often. Please be advised that 345 Fullerton Parkway Condominium Association requires access to your unit twice a year to change your HVAC filters. During this annual service, furniture that might block access to your HVAC equipment must be moved in advance.
    If your HVAC Unit Fan is turned OFF during the Spring and Fall seasons, humidity can build up inside your HVAC Unit causing the Water Alarm to SOUND. To remedy this, turn on your HVAC fan to circulate the air in your HVAC unit.If this does not solve the problem and your water detection alarm is still sounding, immediately contact the Doorman at 773-477-9930 ext. #2, anytime, day or night. Maintenance will then stop by to remedy the situation.
    Each sliding glass door has a “Charlie bar” mounted on the stationary door, which is used to keep the sliding panel closed.

    • Residents may not be aware that not all of the locks on the sliding glass doors work sufficiently, which makes the use of the “Charlie bar” necessary.
    • In addition, the common high winds off Lake Michigan or a bad rainstorm can actually “push” the sliding glass door OPEN enough to allow water to enter your unit and then seep to your neighbor below.

    Management recommends that you always place the “Charlie bars” in the down position when not at home.

    During extreme heavy winds and rains, it is also recommended that you place a highly absorbent chamois (such as ShamWow or Sorbets) into your sliding glass door tracks to absorb any water that can penetrate from these conditions. This preventative measure can save your floor from water damage.

    The exterior windows are washed three (3) times a year. Notices are posted on the Mailroom Bulletin Board prior to the exterior window washing. Please be sure that your window screens are movable so that your windows can be cleaned properly, and that your “Charlie bar” is in use.
    The Maintenance Staff will clean the screen tracks, lubricate the wheels and replace screening material, but does not have the supplies, expertise, or manpower to complete more involved maintenance such as replacing wheels or repairing/replacing frames. All repairs will be billed at the usual rate, which is $35 for 1/2 hour or less and $60 for up to one (1) hour.If your screen needs more extensive repair, you may call a contractor of your choice. One contractor that does repair screens (including pickup, delivery, and installation) is Northshore Glass & Mirror (773-745-3461).
    345 Fullerton Parkway Condominium is located approximately half a mile from Lake Michigan. Although we are lucky to have unobstructed views of the lake and the city, the building is exposed to all weather elements coming from the lake and across the plains. Chicago experiences many kinds of weather conditions throughout the year, including violent storms with heavy rains and very high winds, and rain may infiltrate through the sliding glass windows into a unit. Please be aware that, should this happen, the Condominium Association is not responsible for repairs to interior walls, ceilings, or flooring. Details of Association and Owner Responsibilities can be found in the Declaration of Condominium Ownership, dated 12-31-92, with specific reference to Section 4.5, titled Maintenance, Repairs and Replacements.
    If you should require an extermination service in your unit, please contact the Management Office. We typically have this service here on the first Friday of each month.To keep the seasonal spiders from visiting you inside your unit, simply purchase a can of Spider Kill Spray at any local hardware or grocery store and spray the insides of your sliding window frames. But remember that spiders are voracious eaters of mosquitoes and gnats, and the seasonal gnats will get caught and eaten in the spiders’ webs outside your windows before entering your apartment.
    Residents should contact the Management Office before making plans for remodeling. Depending upon the extent of the remodeling, the plans may need to be reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors. The Management Office also needs a Certificate of Insurance from all contractors, whether or not the Board needs to approve the plans.

    • APPROVAL of PLANS & CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE – All remodeling plans need to be submitted to the Management Office before work can start.
    • Work cannot begin without full compliance of the Declaration and By-Laws of the Association being fulfilled prior to the start date. This includes submission of all plans and certificates of insurance documents.
    • All contractors and sub-contractors must provide a Certificate of Insurance listing the following as additional insured:
      1. Legal Unit Owner(s) {with unit number}
      2. 345 Fullerton Parkway Condominium Association
      3. Board of Directors, 345 Fullerton Parkway Condominium Association
      4. Community Specialists, as Managing Agent
    • Work Hours are from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. No evenings, weekends, or holidays without permission from the Board of Directors.
    • UNIT FLOOR PLANS – Floor plans are available on this website under “The Building” or upon request from the Management Office.
    • Contractor Parking – All contractors must check in with the Doorman each day before parking their vehicle. Front driveway parking is not permitted for stays over 30 minutes. Parking is available in the valet garage at the hourly parking rates. Oversized vans will be allowed to park in the front area and pay the going guest hourly rate for parking. Due to very limited space, only one (1) construction company vehicle per unit is permitted. Residents are encouraged to purchase discount coupons from the Valet Garage for their contractors in order to keep their parking costs to a minimum.Please refer to the Remodeling Construction Guidelines.
    345 does not have adequate dumpster space to accommodate remodeling rubbish. Tell the contractor that they must haul your old carpet from the premises.
    Each unit is entitled to one (1) storage locker. Please do not store any items in the aisles or on top of the storage lockers. Doing this is a violation of the Chicago Fire Code. These items will be removed and disposed of without prior notice.
    Please remember that nothing should be left or stored in the Common Area hallways. This includes footwear, strollers, bicycles, umbrellas, mats, etc.
    Please bring a small towel with you to the exercise room to wipe off the equipment when you have finished using it – the next person using the equipment will appreciate it.
    The sun deck has a rubberized coating to seal the concrete deck to prevent water infiltration. This coating is very durable, but two things that can damage it are cigarette butts and uncovered metal feet of any furniture. Therefore, SMOKING IS NOT ALLOWED ON THE SUN DECK.
    Use a MAXIMUM of 1/4 cup of detergent in the double front loader, and less if you are washing all synthetic materials (nylon, rayon, 100% polyester, or throw rugs). The front loader uses less water than a top loader, thus requiring less detergent. Using too much soap will cause the machine to go into a perpetual wash cycle.

    • Clean the lint filters after each use.
    • PROMPTLY remove laundry from the machines.
    • Any resident who uses domestic help should relay this information.

    DRYER TOP-OFF FEATURE – The new dryers have a top-off feature that allows additional time to be added to the drying cycle. Once the dryer has started, you may increase the time by reinserting your card and pushing the start button. Every time the start button is pushed, more time is added to the cycle.

    New laundry cards can be obtained from the machine located inside the Laundry Room. Having a problem with your laundry card or need a refund? Complete the Family Pride “Laundry Card Refund” form found on our website under “Living at 345” and then under “Forms,” and mail it and your card off for replacement.
    Just a reminder that 345’s Rules & Regulations state that “No unit owner shall install, or permit to be installed or used, within the unit: clothes washer, dryer, ‘portable’ dishwasher, fireplace, or similar equipment.”
    If you notice anything malfunctioning in the common areas, such as exercise equipment, a washer or dryer, or any other equipment that needs repair, PLEASE notify the Management Office so that the proper vendor can be contacted. PLEASE do not assume that someone else has already called. The sooner management is aware of a maintenance problem, the sooner repairs can be initiated.
    All garbage needs to be in a tied and sealed garbage bag before being put down the chute. Loose garbage (and cat litter) can block the chute’s “electric eye” that signals the compactor to turn off. When the lens is obstructed, the compactor keeps running and running and running. Unlike the battery bunny, the compactor motor will burn up, and that means a backed-up trash chute and prohibitive costs for repairs.Please do not put boxes down the trash chutes. Place small boxes in the trash chute room, being sure that access to the trash chute door is maintained. If you have a large box or a lot of boxes, please contact the Doorman and request a box pick-up directly from your unit. Or, place your boxes in the hallway near the trash chute room (breaking them down first, if possible), and our Maintenance Staff will pick them up every day, seven days a week.
  38. RECYCLING – Be GREEN – Save the Planet
    A recycling program was established at our building in 1995 to comply with the Chicago Recycling Initiative. We would like to thank all of the residents at 345 who are participating in the recycling program. It benefits the GREEN environment. We encourage everyone to participate.
    Refer to the signage in your trash chute room for Acceptable vs. Not Acceptable items.PAPER (Trash Chute Rooms)
    The recycling bins in the trash chute rooms on each floor are only for paper products’ disposal. Place only loose paper and cardboard items (cartons and cereal box chipboard) in these bins (no plastic bags). They will be removed daily by the 345 Maintenance Staff.
  40. PLASTIC, GLASS, METAL, AND MILK CONTAINERS (Basement Elevator Banks)
    A large blue recycling bin is located in the basement level by each elevator bank for the collection of glass, cans, plastic items, and milk and juice containers. Please rinse all items before placing them in the recycling bins in the basement (loose, not bagged) to reduce the likelihood of mold, mildew, insects, and foul odors. Please refer to the signage in your trash chute room to see which items are accepted (#1 – #7 plastics, but NOT #6; “tin” and aluminum cans; glass jars; milk and juice cartons). MISCELLANEOUS (Basement Laundry Room)
    The laundry room Mini-Recycling Center collects compact fluorescent light bulbs (curly CFLs), incandescent and halogen light bulbs, batteries, cellphones (working or not), printer ink cartridges, DVDs and CDs, reusable Association envelopes, plastic shopping bags, Styrofoam packing peanuts, and bubblewrap (no air pillows) – all for reuse by other residents or for responsible disposal or recycling by the 345 Green Committee. The Mini-Recycling Center is keeping a lot of material (especially toxic items) out of landfill, but the volunteers cannot handle everything, so please continue to recycle some of your plastic bags elsewhere. Better yet, please start using canvas shopping bags.HANGERS (Parkway Cleaners, off Main Lobby)
    Our Cleaners/Receiving-Room/Valet Operator recycles wire hangers. Please drop them off during business hours.
    Parking in the front driveway is restricted to a maximum of thirty (30) minutes. Extended parking in the driveway is prohibited. Cars left unattended beyond the 30-minute period could be automatically charged regular guest fees or be towed away at the owner’s expense. Your cooperation by limiting the time you use this area is appreciated. If you have guests visiting you for over 30 minutes, they should park in the Valet Garage. Residents can purchase in advance discount parking coupons for the use of their guests.
    The Garage Staff recommends that you sign up so your car can be staged and ready for you when you need it next. It will also cut down on the wait time needed to retrieve your vehicle for you. This will facilitate a smoother operation of the Valet Garage for you. The Valet Garage phone number is 773-477-9930 ext. #4.
    • 0 – 1 Hour $7.00
    • 1 – 3 Hours $18.00
    • 3 – 6 Hours $15.00
    • 6 – 12 Hours $16.00
    • 12 – 24 Hours $27.00

    Guests may park on a first-come first-served basis ONLY if space is available. Pre-Paid Guest Parking Coupons are easy to obtain. Simply stop by the Valet Garage and see an attendant. Or, you can find the “Guest Parking Coupon” form online under “Forms” and then under “Parking.”

    • 0 – 9 Hours = 1 Coupon = $7.00
    • 10 – 24 Hours = 2 Coupons = $14.00
    To learn more about how you and your family can prepare for emergencies or
    get involved, visit http://www.Ready.gov or http://www.RedCross.org or http://www.CitizenCorps.gov.
    You should have the following items available:

    • A battery operated flashlight, emergency candles, glow sticks, etc.
    • A battery operated radio
    • Extra batteries
    • Canned food and a non-electric can opener
    • 3 gallons of bottled water per person
    • Toiletry supplies
    • A bottle of wine and a good book.


  47. FIRE SAFETY – Instructions for FIRE “IN” YOUR UNIT
    LEAVE IMMEDIATELY and close the door behind you to prevent the spread of fire and smoke, but do not lock it so that fire officials do not have to forcibly enter.IF CONDITIONS ALLOW, alert the other residents on your floor.EXIT FROM THE SAFEST STAIRWELL and go down to a safe location. Once you reach a safe location, call 911 and provide the dispatcher your address, floor, and apartment number. This information will be given to the Fire Department.DO NOT USE THE ELEVATORS. They are not reliable, can lead you to the fire floor, and are to be reserved for the use of Fire Department personnel.DO NOT GO UPSTAIRS, and never go to the roof, because smoke and heat rise, and this can complicate fire rescue operations.
  48. FIRE SAFETY – Instructions for FIRE “NEAR” YOUR UNIT
    CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY and provide them with the building address, the floor, your apartment number, and the location of the fire.DO NOT ASSUME THAT OTHERS HAVE CALLED.ALERT YOUR BUILDING MANAGEMENT (773-477-9930 ext. #1) OR DOORMAN(ext. #2) after you have called 911. Remember that they will direct the Fire Department once they arrive on the scene.LISTEN FOR IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS that will tell you what to do. The Fire Department recommends that you stay in your apartment unless directed otherwise. Due to fire-resistant materials used in construction of high-rise buildings, your apartment is usually the safest place to be.KEEP YOUR DOOR CLOSED AND SEAL IT AGAINST SMOKE by placing wet towels at the bottom of your door.COVER VENTS to prevent smoke from entering.IF CONDITIONS WORSEN in your apartment, call 911 to inform them of your situation and provide them your apartment number so they will know where to find you. If smoke and heat start to build up, open the window slightly, but do not break the window. Stay low to the floor. This is the best place to obtain clean, good air in a smoke-filled environment.

    IF YOU MUST LEAVE YOUR APARTMENT, take your house keys and a flashlight with you. LEAVE YOUR DOOR UNLOCKED. Before you attempt to leave your unit, FEEL THE DOOR WITH THE BACK OF YOUR HAND.

    IF THE DOOR FEELS WARM DO NOT OPEN YOUR DOOR! Dangerous fire conditions could exist outside the door. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR UNIT.

    IF YOUR DOOR IS NOT WARM, barely open it so that you can check for smoke in the corridor.

    DO NOT LEAVE YOUR UNIT unless instructed by the Fire Department.

    IF CONDITIONS ALLOW, alert your neighbors.


    Owning a small fire extinguisher can take care of any small fire that might occur in your unit. They can be purchased at any hardware store for a nominal fee. There are fire extinguishers on every other landing in the stairwells.
    GET AWAY FROM THE EXTERIOR WALLS AND WINDOWS and move to the interior with as many walls between you and the exterior as possible.DO NOT TAKE THE ELEVATOR if a tornado is likely to strike soon, as power could be lost.STORE A FLASHLIGHT AND PORTABLE RADIO, both with fresh batteries, near your front door ready to be taken with you.A SAFE SPOT in the upper parts of our building is the interior stairwell.THE SAFEST PLACE in a high rise is in the basement or basement garage. In a garage, move to its center next to a column.


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