Moving In/Out Guidelines

The following documents are required prior to establishing a move date for all Moves-IN and Moves-OUT:

a.) All moves into the association require a fee equal to one month’s assessment. This covers all move-in and move-out fees.
b.) A refundable deposit of $500 is required, which is returned if no damage is caused to the common areas of the building, i.e., hallways, elevator interiors, etc.
c.) All moving companies must provide a Certificate of Insurance listing the following as additionally insured:

1.) Legal Unit Owner(s) {with unit number}
2.) 345 Fullerton Parkway Condominium Association
3.) 345 Fullerton Parkway Condominium Board of Directors
4.) Community Specialists, as Managing Agent

All moves in or out, whether performed by professionals or owner/renters, must adhere to the following guidelines:

d.) All items being moved are to be in closed moving boxes. If items are too awkward to be put into a box, such as furniture, bed frames, etc., then there are two alternatives:

1.) Each item must be completely covered, padded and taped so that items do not inadvertently “open” or separate from padding.
2.) The mover has the option of putting loose items in speed boxes, provided by the complex during the move.

e.) NOTE: Elevator Size is limited = approximately 7′-6” high by 7′ wide narrowing to 5’-6” wide by 4′ deep. The approximate elevator door dimensions are 7’ high by 36” wide.
f.) Moving Hours are from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. No evenings, weekends or holiday moves are permitted.
g.) No smoking in the common areas.

SPECIAL NOTE: Any item moved must be placed on a platform with wheels or carried the entire way by hand. Items are never to be dragged or pulled on any flooring surface in 345 Fullerton Parkway Condominium Association.