Maintenance Within Units

The primary duty of the Board of Directors, management, and staff of a Condominium Association is to manage and provide maintenance to the common areas of the property. There are also limited common elements, which are maintained by the individual unit owners unless the Board of Directors accepts the maintenance responsibility. These are defined in the Declaration of Condominium Ownership.

The Board of Directors together with the management staff evaluated the continuing cost of the building staff performing maintenance in units that is the responsibility of the unit owners. Since July 1, 1996, unit owners requesting maintenance have been charged for this service. Management surveyed costs billed by outside contractors and prepared a price list substantially below those surveyed.

The minimum labor charge is $35 covering a call of 30 minutes or less to your unit. The next 30 minutes is charged at $25, or a total of $60 for that hour. Subsequent hours are charged the corresponding rates. Parts are charged at the Association’s cost plus a modest mark-up for administrative costs.

The choice of contractors working in your unit is yours. However, we believe you will find the Association cost is very competitive, any recalls due to improper parts or installation are not charged, and any net income derived by the Association reduces the Association’s operating costs. Further, outside contractors do not have the level of experience at 345 that our maintenance staff has. Inappropriate
repairs or damage to the common areas by an outside contractor are the unit owner’s responsibility to repair.