HVAC Heating Guidelines

To RESET your aqua-thermostat to WINTER MODE:
1. Turn your thermostat to 50°. Leave it there for five (5) minutes to allow the solenoid valve in the closed loop system to reset.
2. After five minutes turn it all the way up to 90°. This will allow the maximum heat to flow to your HVAC unit.
3. After five minutes turn the dial to the desired temperature.
The fan must run, i.e., be set at Auto (on Low, Medium or High speed), in order for the heat to enter your unit.

If you experience problems with your heat, call the Management Office at 773-477-9930 (ext. #1) or, after hours, the Doorman (ext. #2).

  • It is very important that you leave your heat on 24 hours a day in all units during the entire heating season. The switch should be set at Auto, the fan should stay on at least Low, and the thermostat should be set at 80° but not less than 75°.
  • If you are still not comfortable after following the above steps, you will see that every heating unit has an Auxiliary Electric Heat position. When the switch is up to that position, the electric heater inside your HVAC unit will be on and should supply you with enough heat. You must set the aqua-thermostat to 90°. You should see a red light by the switch when your Auxiliary Electric Heat is on.
  • Please note: When your Auxiliary Electric Heat is on, you will be billed from Commonwealth Edison for the electricity used. When you first use your electric heat, you may notice a burning odor, which will disappear as the dust and dirt burn off.

Since hot air rises, where possible, the louvers on the top vent should be pointed down and toward the windows. Engage the “Charlie bar” to prevent the window from sliding open from high winds.
An inexpensive way to cut down on drafts and add extra thermal protection can be effected by covering your windows with clear plastic. These window-covering kits are applied with a hair dryer and are available at most hardware stores.
If you are leaving town for a weekend or longer, do not turn your heat off. Your thermostat should be set at 80° but not lower than 75°, especially if we are expecting very cold weather.

The Association changes the filters for you each Spring and Fall, but you may request your filters be changed at any time of the year for a nominal fee for parts and labor.