Fire Safety

Instructions for FIRE “IN” YOUR UNIT 

  • LEAVE IMMEDIATELY and close the door behind you to prevent the spread of fire and smoke, but do not lock it so that fire officials do not have to forcibly enter.
  • IF CONDITIONS ALLOW, alert the other residents on your floor.
  • EXIT FROM THE SAFEST STAIRWELL and go down to a safe location. Once you reach a safe location, call 911 and provide the dispatcher your address, floor, and apartment number. This information will be given to the Fire Department.
  • DO NOT USE THE ELEVATORS. They are not reliable, can lead you to the fire floor, and are to be reserved for the use of Fire Department personnel.
  • DO NOT GO UPSTAIRS, and never go to the roof, because smoke and heat rise, and this can complicate fire rescue operations.

Instructions for FIRE “NEAR” YOUR UNIT 

  • CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY and provide them with the building address, the floor, your apartment number, and the location of the fire.
  • ALERT YOUR BUILDING MANAGEMENT (773-477-9930 ext. #1) OR DOORMAN (ext. #2) after you have called 911. Remember that they will direct the Fire Department once they arrive on the scene.
  • LISTEN FOR IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS that will tell you what to do. The Fire Department recommends that you stay in your apartment unless directed otherwise. Due to fire-resistant materials used in construction of high-rise buildings, your apartment
  • is usually the safest place to be.
  • KEEP YOUR DOOR CLOSED AND SEAL IT AGAINST SMOKE by placing wet towels at the bottom of your door.
  • COVER VENTS to prevent smoke from entering.
  • IF CONDITIONS WORSEN in your apartment, call 911 to inform them of your situation and provide them your apartment number so they will know where to find you. If smoke and heat start to build up, open the window slightly, but do not break the window. Stay
  • low to the floor. This is the best place to obtain clean, good air in a smoke-filled environment.
  • IF YOU MUST LEAVE YOUR APARTMENT, take your house keys and a flashlight with you. LEAVE YOUR DOOR UNLOCKED. Before you attempt to leave your unit, FEEL THE DOOR WITH THE BACK OF YOUR HAND. IF THE DOOR FEELS WARM DO NOT OPEN YOUR DOOR! Dangerous fire conditions could exist outside the door. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR UNIT.
  • IF YOUR DOOR IS NOT WARM, barely open it so that you can check for smoke in the corridor.
  • DO NOT LEAVE YOUR UNIT unless instructed by the Fire Department.
  • IF CONDITIONS ALLOW, alert your neighbors.


Owning a small fire extinguisher can take care of any small fire that might occur in your unit. They can be purchased at any hardware store for a nominal fee. There are fire extinguishers on every other landing in the stairwells.

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