Short of walking a dog every morning and evening, joining a committee is the best way to meet your neighbors.  Volunteering fosters a sense of community and enhances life in that community.  It improves the environment in which we live, whether the natural environment or the physical environment of our building.  The Board of Directors has established several committees and is considering others.  If you would like to play some part in the operation of our building but do not have the time to devote to sitting on the Board, why not consider volunteering on a committee?

GREEN COMMITTEE manages the Mini-Recycling Center in the Laundry Room, has posted recycling signs throughout the building, and researches ways to make our building greener.

LANDSCAPE COMMITTEE will undertake renewal in the spring of the planters on the Sun Deck and in the forecourt, and may gradually seek to convert the front gardens to perennial gardens.

SOCIAL COMMITTEE will organize the Summer Party on the Sun Deck and the Annual Holiday Party in the Lobby, and will plan other events as well as organize refreshments for Meet the Candidates evenings.