Internet and Cable TV Guidelines

If you want additional internet speed, premium cable channels, need to report reception problems, or have a billing question/problem, call RCN’s Customer Service Department at 800-746-4726.

If you schedule a repair date, you will need to be home for the service.  RCN employees are forbidden to enter units when no one is present.  Our staff does not normally accompany cable technicians to individual units but will for two reasons:

  • The homeowner requests the staff to accompany RCN, in which case the homeowner will be billed $35 for 1/2 hour or less and $60 for up to one (1) hour.
  • If the problem is located in a riser and is affecting several units, you will receive a repair notice from the Management Office.  The notice will tell you the day and approximate time (morning or afternoon) the technicians will be there.

Residents not returning equipment will be charged by RCN for the value of the equipment (up to $600 per piece of equipment).  There are two authorized methods to return equipment: call 800-RING-RCN to schedule a technician to pick up the equipment (standard truck roll charges apply); or you may return the equipment to RCN’s payment center at RCN Corporation, Bradley Place Business Center, 2640 W Bradley Place, Chicago, IL 60618 – Hours of Operation: Mon.–Thurs. 9am–7pm; Friday 9am–5pm; and Sat. 9am–1pm, 2pm–5pm (closed 1pm–2pm).  Make sure that you get a receipt.  Please do not give your cable box to our staff – doing this could generate an invoice from $100 up to $600 depending on the type of equipment from RCN!

You can obtain a current channel line-up online at or our website, under Living at 345 and then under RCN Cable TV Line-up.  For your convenience, the Management Office also has some line-up lists available.

All televisions must have an RCN cable box.  Each unit receives one 6 Tuner and one 4 Tuner Tivo Cable Box AND one Modem with a minimum speed of 250 Mbps FREE OF CHARGE.  All additional boxes and services will be charged at the following RCN monthly rates, as follows.

  • Phone – Unlimited Nationwide Dialing Including Modem
    • First Line –                                                                               $10.00
  • Data – High Speed Internet
    • 250 Mbps –                                                                          (INCLUDED)
    • 500 Mbps –                                                                              $15.00
    • 1 gIG                                                                                        $30.00
    • RCN Modem Rental                                                            (INCLUDED & Provided to 345 Fullerton Residents)
    • HomeLAN – Wireless Router                                              (INCLUDED & Provided to 345 Fullerton Residents)
  • Cable – Premiere Channels
    • Movies & Entertainment –                                                       $13.99
    • Child & Family –                                                                       $ 8.99
    • News & Information –                                                              $ 8.99
    • Sports –                                                                                    $15.99
    • Premiere Tier (includes all 4 packages)                                 $28.00
  • Cable – Premium Movie Channels
    • HBO –                                                                                      $21.00
    • Showtime/The Movie Channel –                                             $16.95
    • Starz –                                                                                      $11.95
    • Cinemax –                                                                                $10.95
    • Premium Movie Pack (Showtime/HBO/Cinemax/Starz) –   $51.95
  • HD Tier –                                                                                           $ 9.99
  • Equipment: Converters, Cables Cards Adaptors
    • 2 TunerHR/DVR Powered by TIVO                                     (INCLUDED & Provided to 345 Fullerton Residents)
    • 4 Tuner HD/DVR Powered by TIVO                                         $21.95
    • 6 Tuner HD/DVR Powered bt TIVO                                  (INCLUDED & Provided to 345 Fullerton Residents)
    • HIgh Definition Converter                                                       $15.95
    • TIVO HD Mini (TIVO Whole Home works with 4 tunner and 6 tunner       $12.95
    • Sytandard Definition Concverter Box                                      $11.95
    • Cable Card                                                                               $ 3.00
    • DVR                                                                                         $22.95
    • Service Protection Plan                                                            $ 4.95

* Prices are subject to change


The cable outlets throughout the building have different calibrations.  The ones in your unit are different from the ones in the units above or below you.  The different calibrations ensure that the residents living on the lower floors have the same signal strength as the residents on the upper floors.

  • Do not install a generic outlet such as one that you can purchase at a hardware or electrical supply store.
  • Residents should not attempt to tap into the cable attached to the outlet (behind the wall).  Installing a generic outlet or tapping into the cable could disconnect or disrupt service to the rest of the tier and generate a large repair bill and/or fine.  If you are having a problem with a cable outlet or need additional outlets, please call RCN at 800-746-4726.

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