Board of Directors, Meetings & Minutes

Board of Directors

James Walsh,           president

Leslie Stein,             vice president

Kathleen Gillespie,  secretary

Margaret Laport,    treasurer

Jim Rocklin,            director

Catherine Shaffer, director

Brenna Woodley, director



Regular meetings of the Board of Directors, which are open to all unit owners, are usually held at 7:00 pm on the third Wednesday of every month except July, August, and December. The Annual Unit Owners Meeting is held in December. Board meetings will take place in the Board Meeting Room in the West Tower sub-basement. If anyone wishes to attend but cannot manage the stairs, please contact the Management Office in advance.

A 30-minute Unit Owners Forum is usually set aside at the start of each meeting to give owners a chance to ask questions and discuss issues directly with members of the board

Notice of meetings is given in the monthly statements, in the quarterly newsletter, and on Channel 195, and notices and the agenda are posted on the bulletin board in the Mailroom.

Minutes of the meetings, once approved by the Board, are posted on the Association website.

Hearings for Rules Violations will be held in the Board Meeting Room as needed at intervals to be announced.