Support needed for Amendatory Veto to Senate Bill 2664

Message from the Community Associations Institute, Illinois:

In August, Governor Pat Quinn issued an Amendatory Veto of SB2664. Prior to his Amendatory Veto, the original bill sought to limit the amount an association could collect from the purchaser of a foreclosed home. With the amendatory language added, SB2664 is now an ideal bill for condominium associations as it shifts a portion of the burden of paying the past due balance on to lenders.

This bill has been added to the Senate Calendar for action on the Amendatory Veto commencing on November 19, 2014. The original sponsor of the SB2664, Senator Michael Hastings, must decide whether to:

Call for a vote on the Governor’s Amedatory Veto — This is ideal for associations and homeowners across the state. It will allow for 100% of past due assessments, legal fees, and special assessments to be collected.
Call for an override of the Veto — This is the worst possible scenario. If the veto is overridden, it will reinstate the original language of the bill and associations will suffer severe financial impacts.
Not call the bill and allow it to die entirely — This leaves the status quo in place, with no changes to current law.

If Senator Hastings decides on choices 1) or 2), then both legislative chambers will cast their votes in opposition, or in favor.

This is an historic decision forthcoming that will have a dramatic impact on community associations in Illinois. YOUR VOICE IS NEEDED NOW!
Please click the link below to send an email directly to Senator Hastings letting him know that the voices of the 3 million homeowners who live in community associations in Illinois need to be heard. It is time for Senator Hastings to make the courageous decision to call to APPROVE SB2664 WITH THE AMENDATORY LANGUAGE PROVIDED BY GOVERNOR PAT QUINN.

Click here or follow this link to email Senator Hastings:

Next, please click the link below to contact your state representative and senator and ask them to urge Senator Hastings to call the amended bill, and if confronted with the opportunity to stand with us, they should CAST THEIR VOTE IN FAVOR OF SB2664 WITH THE AMENDATORY LANGUAGE PROVIDED BY GOVERNOR PAT QUINN, AND OPPOSE ANY ATTEMPT AT A VETO OVERRIDE.

Click here or follow this link to email your state representative and senator:

A couple of months ago, we collectively stopped SB2664 in its tracks, and let our legislators know that we will not be intimidated or coerced into accepting legislation that ends up with increased fees for homeowners in Illinois. SB2664 HAS BEEN PLACED ON THE CALENDAR FOR THE LEGISLATIVE VETO SESSION BEGINNING ON NOVEMBER 19TH. THE TIME TO ACT IS NOW! The impact of the final outcome of this bill, whether positive or negative will be determined by our voices, and how willing Springfield is to listen.

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