IMPORTANT NOTICE – Trash Chute Rooms

The new Trash Compactor will be installed in the West Tower on Thursday, July 17.
The East Tower installation is expected to take place on Friday, July 18.

There is a slight possibility that work in the East Tower could be held over until Monday, July 21.

In order for the old compactors to be removed from the basement and the new ones installed, the Trash Chutes will have to be closed all day on the day designated for each tower. Maintenance will provide large black bags in which you can deposit your small trash bags, and they will make several collections from each floor during the day. You can make things a bit easier on Maintenance by holding back your trash and paper recycling deposits for that one day, or you can take your own trash to the loading bay and deposit it in the available dumpster. Only recycling goes in the blue wheelie bins to the left.

NOTHING must go down the Trash Chutes when they are closed on those days.
Please tell your home help, especially if their command of English is not strong.

The next regular Board of Directors Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, September 17, 2014, at 7:00 PM in the Board Meeting Room, West Tower sub-basement.