Message from State Representative Sara Feigenholtz

Dear Friend,

I have fantastic news to report. Due in part to the unwavering advocacy you have demonstrated as a member of the Lakefront Coalition for Responsible Fire Sprinkler Policy, Illinois Fire Marshal Larry Matkaitis publicly announced that he will not unilaterally pursue a statewide sprinkler mandate. A link to the Fire Marshal’s announcement can be found here.

This pledge from the Fire Marshal is the result of all of the impassioned letters, calls, emails, and petition signatures of people like you who believe that a statewide fire sprinkler mandate is bad public policy.

To date, over 8,000 people throughout Chicago have signed the Lakefront Coalition for Responsible Fire Sprinkler Position petition, which has bolstered the widespread desire for further communication and collaboration on the issue of mandated fire sprinklers. Furthermore, the full support of several Chicago Aldermen, community groups, chambers of commerce, and legislative efforts from Senate President John Cullerton unquestionably contributed to the resolution we have reached today.

Thank you to everyone who not only demonstrated your support for my bill, but spread the word and called others to join us in the fight against mandated fire sprinklers. Whether you distributed my petition to your email list, set up a signing table in your lobby, knocked on your neighbors’ doors, or encouraged your association to advocate for our cause, all of your efforts are extremely appreciated.

The Fire Marshal now recognizes the need for a collaborative approach to reaching a solution on fire sprinkler installation laws and other fire safety measures in Illinois. I look forward to working with Mr. Matkaitis, my fellow legislators, and all stakeholders to determine the most effective approaches to fire safety in our state.

As a result of the Fire Marshal’s new commitment, I am putting House Bill 4609 on hold. Thank you again for your tremendous support on this issue. This is a prime example of all that can be accomplished by a diverse and passionate group of individuals that coalesce around an issue and form a unified front to reach a solution.

As always, if I can be of assistance with any other state issues or programs, feel free to contact me or a member of my staff at my constituent service office at 773-296-4141, email, or visit Also, be sure to check out my Facebook and Twitter pages for regular updates

Very truly yours,

Sara Feigenholtz

State Representative

12th District