Please sign State Representative Sara Feigenholtz’s petition to show support for House Bill 4609, which would ensure that any mandates for statewide sprinkler laws be debated with full transparency, adequate public input, and open discussion in the General Assembly.

Retrofitted fire sprinklers mandated at 345 by the State Fire Marshal would cost millions and mean large special assessments. There would also be exposed pipes in every room, because we are not allowed to channel anything into the ceiling.

Chicago already has stringent fire safety rules in place, with which 345 is now fully compliant. Chicago also enjoys the right of Home Rule, which means that some regulations deemed necessary for the rest of the state are not imposed on Chicago if the city has equal or better, though different, rules in place.

The Chicago Fire Department has much faster response times than departments downstate. They also have use of the ‘Hero Pipe’ device (a remote-controlled, periscopelike pipe that can extinguish high-rise fires from the floor below by spraying up to 625 gallons per minute through a window) invented by Chicago firefighting captain Michael Wielgat and now in use in Chicago and New York City.

The next Board of Directors Meeting will be held on May 22, 2014, at 10:00 AM in the Board Meeting Room, West Tower sub-basement. (This is two days later than originally scheduled.)