Immediate Action Needed before 1pm, Wednesday, March 26. Call and email the legislators who sit on the State Government Administration Committee and tell them to vote FOR Amendment 1 to HB 4609.

Last year we fought off an attempt by the State Fire Marshal (and the pipe fitters union) to force Chicago high rises to retrofit fire sprinklers in every high rise in Chicago. On Tuesday evening we learned of a new attempt in Springfield to impose this onerously expensive and unnecessary burden on us. After 9 years of spending money on fire safety, 345 has finally this year fully complied with Chicago’s Life Safety requirements.

The most disturbing aspect of the current proposal is the attempt to circumvent the state’s legislative process by pushing the proposed regulations through a committee called the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules (JCAR). This is not the committee that should be making the decision for an unfunded mandate of this magnitude.

In an effort to make sure that any attempt at a mandate receives a full public debate, State Rep. Sara Feigenholtz (12th District), has introduced an amendment with a stated requirement that any such proposal must first be vetted by the full legislature. It also establishes a task force to continue to look at the issue. Rep. Feigenholtz’s Amendment 1 to HB 4609 is a helpful step to make sure our residents are treated fairly and that a solution for fire safety is achieved without instituting a mandate.

Send an email, make a phone call, TODAY.
Tell them to vote FOR Amendment 1 to HB 4609.

If you have time to send only one email to everyone, here is a list of email addresses:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Representative Jack D. Franks
63rd District
(217) 782-1717
(815) 334-0063

Representative Emily McAsey
85th District
(217) 782-4179
(815) 372-0085

Representative Robert W. Pritchard
70th District
(217) 782-0425
(815) 748-3494

Representative Jaime M. Andrade, Jr.
40th District
(217) 782-8117
(773) 267-2880

Representative Dan Brady
105th District
(217) 782-1118
(309) 662-1100

Representative Adam Brown
102nd District
(217) 782-8398
(217) 607-5104

Representative John M. Cabello
68th District
(217) 782-0455
(815) 282-0083

Representative Katherine Cloonen
79th District
(217) 782-5981
(815) 939-1983

Representative Fred Crespo
44th District
(217) 782-0347
(630) 372-3340

Representative Monique D. Davis
27th District
(217) 782-0010
(773) 445-9700

Representative David Harris
53rd District
(217) 782-3739
(224) 764-2440

Representative David McSweeney
52nd District
(217) 782-1517
(847) 516-0052

Representative Christian L. Mitchell
26th District
(217) 782-2023
(773) 924-1755

Representative Michelle Mussman
56th District
(217) 782-3725
(847) 923-9104

Representative Wayne Rosenthal
95th District
(217) 782-8071
(217) 324-5200

Representative Carol A. Sente
59th District
(217) 782-0499
(847) 478-9909

Representative Barbara Wheeler
64th District
(217) 782-1664
(815) 900-6759

Representative Kathleen Willis
77th District
(217) 782-3374
(708) 562-6970

Representative Sam Yingling
62nd District
(217) 782-7320
(847) 231-6262