Mayor Emanuel’s ordinance would require all commercial and residential buildings over 50,000 square feet to provide energy consumption data to the City of Chicago on an annual basis. Each building’s data would be posted on a public website and each building’s energy consumption would be rated and assigned a performance score.

If ComEd cannot supply aggregated energy usage for the building, our manager will then be required to obtain everyone’s account number in order to access energy usage separately. And account numbers will change with changing residents. This would be an enormous burden.

Jim la Chapelle, Technical Operations Manager at Community Specialists, our management company, describes what remains as problems:
• The loss in privacy.
• Fines if the information is not provided.
• The cost of providing a description of the systems and having the figures verified every three years by a licensed professional.
• The fact that only a very tiny fraction of buyers or renters are going to pay attention to or make decisions based on benchmarking. Buyers and renters are looking for cost, interest rates, amenities, view and probably most important – location. Benchmarking has been around at least 30 years in some companies, with no indication that buildings were bought or sold where energy usage was a factor.
• The fact that the vast majority of retrofits are not based on benchmarking but on equipment becoming obsolete, utility rebates and very importantly the payback periods after rebates. Buildings that have come under the benchmarking have become more energy efficient over time but they would have anyway since replacement equipment and materials needed because of age are more efficient than old equipment and materials.
• Of the cities that have instituted benchmarking, several have exempted residential buildings. Why not Chicago?
• Worry about what costly regulations might come out of this program.

345 is mounting another letter-writing campaign, this time to city aldermen who will vote on this issue on September 11 and to the Mayor.

If you have concerns, what YOU SHOULD DO:
Condominium, Co-Op Boards and rental property owners should write letters immediately to Mayor Emanuel and your respective Alderman and other Aldermen that you know.
Mayor Rahm Emanuel Alderman Michele Smith
Office of the Mayor 43rd Ward Office
Room 500 2523 N Halsted St
121 N LaSalle St Chicago IL 60614-2539
Chicago IL 60602
• Letters must be in the hands of the Mayor and Alderman as soon as possible
• All letters should have at the top –
• Please remember to date all letters.
Only through your individual letters expressing your concerns and opposition to residential building energy benchmarking can we be successful in having the ordinance voted down.