New Electricity Rate Information

New Information on the Electricity Rate
The City of Chicago has now sent notices of the rate reduction to go into effect in February when they switch all residents who have not yet signed up with another supplier to Integrys. The Integrys rate quoted for the first year is 5.424 cents/kWh. This is one percent lower than the 5.455 cents/kWh offered to 345 residents by Hans Herrmann of Cost Containment, an energy and sustainability consulting firm, through the supplier Energy.Me. However, Mr. Herrmann has been able to lower the program rate for residential customers to 5.295 cents/kWh for twelve months. Everyone who had already signed up will have their rate lowered as well as those now signing up. It is still to your advantage to sign up with Energy.Me. Neal has the registration papers available at the Management Office. Hans Herrmann can be reached at 630-400-4912 or by email at or The deadline to opt out of the City of Chicago’s Electric Aggregation Program is January 9, 2013 (by which time the postcard you received from Integrys must be postmarked).

Because of the number of 345 residents taking part in the Cost Containment Aggregation Program, the rates being offered have been reduced. The new lower rates are:
5.159 cents/kWh for 6 months
5.179 cents/kWh for 12 months
5.199 cents/kWh for 18 months
5.199 cents/kWh for 24 months
This compares to the City of Chicago’s Integrys rate quoted for the first year of 5.424 cents/kWh. Don’t wait. Sign up with Cost Containment now. Forms are in the Management Office.

Board of Directors
Directors elected at the 19th Annual Unit Owners Meeting on December 12, 2012, are Faith Hart (#2302), Jim Kroeger (#2606), Margaret Laport (#2901), Joseph Perry (#1801), and Leslie Stein (#1306), who will join sitting directors Kathy Gillespie (#2407) and Molly Jones (#1504). Officers elected by the board at the January 16 meeting are Faith Hart, president; Kathy Gillespie, vice president; Margaret Laport, treasurer; Molly Jones, secretary.

The next regularly scheduled Board Meeting will be held on Febuary 20, 2013, at 7:00 pm in the Board Meeting Room, West Tower sub-basement.