The New Year

Board of Directors
Directors elected at the 19th Annual Unit Owners Meeting on December 12, 2012, are Faith Hart (#2302), Jim Kroeger (#2606), Margaret Laport (#2901), Joseph Perry (#1801), and Leslie Stein (#1306), who will join sitting directors Kathy Gillespie (#2407) and Molly Jones (#1504).

The next regularly scheduled Board Meeting will be held on January 16, 2013, at 7:00 pm in Unit 1801, East Tower.

Christmas Tree Disposal
Please take advantage of this free service provided by 345. Contact the Management Office to schedule the removal of your tree. Maintenance will wrap your dry tree to prevent its shedding needles all over your own floor as well as the common areas.

Holiday Wrapping Paper is not recyclable. Please dispose of it in the trash. Styrofoam is not recyclable either. Please do not bring cardboard cartons containing Styrofoam to the Recycling Area in the loading bay unless you are prepared to remove the Styrofoam and place it in the trash dumpster. Otherwise, call the Management Office and Maintenance will come pick it up from you and dispose of it correctly.

Electricity Savings for Your Unit
It is not too late to sign up for the savings on your unit’s electricity bill. The Management Office has the necessary forms. The ComEd price for the winter and spring months is 8.82 cents/kWh. Residents at 345 Fullerton Parkway can sign up for 5.455 cents/kWh. This is a savings of 38% on the Electricity Supply Services Charges (Energy Supply + Transmission + Purchased Electricity Adjustment).
* The rate is guaranteed for the duration of the term selected. * No fee to join. * No termination fee at any time. * This offer is for residential ComEd customers in Chicago. * If the City of Chicago Electricity Plan is less, quit this program and join the City Plan (no fee to quit). * If the City of Chicago Electricity Plan is higher, you get to keep this lower rate. * The bill still comes from ComEd.
If you do nothing, you will pay a higher rate during the winter months to ComEd. When the City plan is put into effect, residents who have not chosen an alternative supplier will automatically be enrolled into the City plan. Everyone in the City plan pays the same amount for electricity.
Hans Herrmann of Cost Containment, an energy and sustainability consulting firm that has been advising 345, can be reached at 630-400-4912 or by email at or